“She’s back, and true to her craft, she has done it again! Robyn Williams, author of the critically-acclaimed novel, Preconceived Notions, returns with A Twist of Fate, an absolutely engaging sophomore effort. The long-awaited follow-up to her stunning debut novel, A Twist of Fate is rife with all the intrigue, drama, romance, sex and suspense one might expect. Yet, it’s packaged with all of the plot twists, depth of character and unpredictability that one wouldn’t. Williams’ already prolific writing takes a decided leap upward with this beautifully-crafted offering, rendering the reader the true winner. Terri who?”

~ Ronald E. Childs, Today’s Black Woman


Here we have the classic recipe. Blend love, sex, romance, deception, raw ambition and intrigue. Add to it a dash of lust, trust, betrayal, friendship and revenge, a light sprinkle of today’s entertainment industry. Stir, and you have commingled all of the key ingredients. It’s all chronicled here in dramatic fashion, in acclaimed romance novelist Robyn Williams’ highly-anticipated second novel, A Twist of Fate.

The story centers around small town girl Ashela Jordan, who goes forth to the proverbial ‘big city’ to at once escape her past, claim her identity and seek her fortune. Owing to her own naiveté, the sultry songstress initially encounters all of the wrong people on the New York music scene and pays heavy dues that almost destroy her before she even gets started. But she learns. Ashela deftly applies life’s lessons and turns the tide to her favor, ultimately rising above her skeptics and emerging as an icon.

Enter Sam Ross. Because of his power, Sam literally OWNS the music industry. Super-rich, charismatic and suave, he’s the handsome and accomplished brother from the West Coast who has done exceedingly well for himself as well, in spite of his own disadvantaged, urban upbringing. Sparks fly between the two, and Sam ever the aggressive one, becomes pursuer in the name of conquest… at first. He soon discovers, however, through the sheer strength and intensity of Ashela’s love that he, too, is capable of rising above his reputation for using and discarding women, and coming to truly love someone.

Williams has crafted a romantic play that thoroughly examines fate, both the portions of it that we actually control, as well as the even larger parts of it that we don’t, and bares for us all to see how its twist can alter our lives for the worse (or the better). Turn the page on A Twist of Fate, and immerse yourself in this provocative and enthralling book. You simply won’t be able to put it down. Robyn Williams has quickly become a master at her craft. Her works shimmer with passion, glisten with insight, and compel her readers to clamor and hunger for more. She resides in Chicago where she has released her third novel, A Fool’s Paradise.