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Robyn Williams is the author of three bestselling novels, Preconceived Notions, A Twist of Fate, and A Fool’s Paradise. A lover of romantic suspense, her books have been featured in Essence, Emerge, Heart and Soul, Ebony, and Ebony Man magazines. Actresses Angela Bassett and Vanessa Williams have lauded her works as “a delightful read.” Noted for her talent for characterization, Robyn uses emotional insightfulness to highlight the capricious nature of relationships. Her novel, A Fool’s Paradise, combines suspense and the supernatural. Under various pen names, she has written nearly ten fictional eBooks and has edited and collaborated on several non-fiction projects for writers, teachers, and pastors. A huge literacy advocate, Robyn founded The Bestow Foundation, a non-profit literacy organization dedicated to improving literacy skills of Chicago-area adults and families.


A strong believer in the importance of community-based programs, Robyn served as Program Manager for Operation Change Chicago (OCC), a non-profit which focuses on improving the health outcomes for senior citizens in African American and Latino communities. It was through her volunteerism with OCC’s parent organization, Movement Is Life, that Robyn was inspired to obtain her Masters’ Degree in Health Communication from Northwestern University. Promoting health interventions that decrease disabilities in the lives of senior citizens is one of her areas of interest.


Robyn co-authored the non-fictional work, Deception in the Pews, a hard-hitting piece that challenges believers across all religions to protect their worship. A graduate of Tennessee State University, Robyn resides in Chicago. She is basking in the #Renaissance Resurgence of her works and is excited to be penning her latest novel, Pieces of a Dream.

Featured Titles

Preconceived Notions

An incredibly provocative literary masterwork melding explosive passion, eroticism, greed, violence, and pain into an electrifying and climactic entanglement.

A Twist Of Fate

A riveting sophomoric novel by Blackboard bestselling author that is rife with intrigue, drama, romance, sex and suspense, yet packed with plot twists and thrilling unpredictability.

A Fool’s Paradise

An imaginative tale with memorable characters in a relentless quest for love, fulfillment, fame and fortune. A suspenseful, romantic, unpredictable, and at times, a very chilling read.