“Female bonding, unresolved anger, preconceived notions and a sensitive, understanding man are woven into this exciting and impelling plot. The ending is unexpected and wildly romantic in true Hollywood style. In fact, it would make a great movie.”

– Sarah Goldsmith, Sunday Advocate

“Robyn Williams demonstrates the literary talent of Terry McMillan as she cleverly and creatively reveals a very provocative and loving relationship centered in mutual respect, love, and trust.”

– Deborah Baylis, Citizen News

“Love with a twist…Quick, give me a cool drink. I’ve just put down Preconceived Notions!”

– LaTicia Greggs, Chicago Defender

“Robyn Williams has crafted a riveting, seductive first novel that deftly explores Black male-female relationships from a refreshing perspective… There is a genuine passion evident in her writing that is unmistakable, and that simply should not be missed.”

– Ronald E. Childs, Black Elegance

With her first incredibly provocative literary masterwork, Robyn Williams has produced an insightful novel that candidly probes the potent dynamics of black romance. Williams melds explosive passion, eroticism, greed, violence, and pain into an electrifying and climactic entanglement.

In the vein of Terry McMillans Waiting to Exhale and Connie Briscoes Sister and Lovers, Preconceived Notions powerfully explores the passions, desires and fears that erupt when a beautiful, fiery black woman and a “strong black man” fall in love.

Imagany is a bright and ambitious Fisk University journalism major with a talent for dance. Elliott is the handsome, charismatic star quarterback for Tennessee State University. When they meet, the attraction is immediate; the intensity of their passion leaves their lives irrevocably changed forever. As their relationship unfolds, however, their unrivaled love is challenged by the deep, dark secrets lurking in the shadows of Imagany’s past. These secrets threaten not only to tear apart the paradise they have created for themselves, but also the very soul of Imagany herself.